1. Fremont Mobile Food Rodeo

    Fremont Bridge Center of the Universe

    Fremont Bridge, center of the Universe son! Where the Mobile Food Rodeo goes down!

    Mobile food rodeo fremont


    So crowded I almost stepped on some Jordan 13s.

    Calling up the homies Christine, @thatonedood (IG), and @spaceneedles

    Young upcoming and coming photographer - Angelo

    Jerk Station

    teach u how to Jerk! I mean the chicken from the Jerk Station. 

    Yam fries and grilled turkey from the jerk station. 


    Burger from BUNS on wheels.. My friend said “f” your food photos and imma start eating!

    Bacon man doing work, sizzling with the ladies.

    Strolling through the line, CY (Heyprettything.com) saying “dang, this crowd is ridiculous”.

    We embarked on the Hallava Falafel truck. Lines lines lines… but it’s a can’t lose (like Parker Lewis)

    Hallava Falavel

    Yes, after a half an hour finally got the Falafel sandwich. It was hella bomb and best washed down with Vitamin water.

    Street donuts

    yes time for dessert, Street donuts come strong with the favors (customizable), fluffiness, softness, and  freshness. Above is the Cinnamon Carmel.

    Street Donuts

    More from Street Donuts, Cinnamon Chocolate. Crackin!

    @thatonedood on that instagram game… 

    After a few hours it’s time to bail. We take alleys to avoid the crowds. CY peacing out, rolling with @MIG1024. People in the back are on that instagram.

    The Fremont Mobile Food Rodeo was a great time. Perfect spring sunny day to spend Sunday funday (day after Cinco de Mayo). The event had the formula for success - food, sunshine, peoples, and a beer garden. It’s great that we have these kind of events to bring all the food trucks to one spot and out on the weeknds. The downside were the lines, but that’s just the way it is. So bring your appetite & patience and you will be in for a good experience. Can’t wait for the next one Mobile Food Rodeo in my hood - South Lake Union

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