1. Baller Pho at Zine - Las Vegas

    Zine Las Vegas Pho

    Filet Mignon Pho

    Oxtail Pho

    Oxtail Pho

    Zine Las Vegas

    Kind of looks like Tao

    Zine Las Vegas

    Vitamin Water + G2 Gatorade + Pho = Hangover remedy

    Zine Las Vegas

    Pho real though……and on top of that the choices are either Filet Mignon or Oxtail! After a day of drinking at the pool, hanging out at Thomas Keller’s kitchen, and doing bottle service…. How would I survive the morning and shake this hangover? I have to go find some pho. 

    So the options are Zine downstairs with the fine filet mignon but with a filet mignon price tag, or cab it to Chinatown which could essentially be the same price of baller pho.  In Vegas, pool time is money so less time traveling the congested streets means more time drinking domestic beer and YOLOing at the pool. 

    The pho at Zine is pretty legit. The broth is balanced and flavorful, the meat is sufficient, and the ingredients are of high quality.  The meal definitely hit the spot and suppressed hungover effect.  However my qualms were the $18 price tag and well done filet mignon. In all, do go to Zine if you want convenient good pho.  

    Zine Noodles Dim Sum (Palazzo) on Urbanspoon

  2. YOLO Crew (Craig Yamada’s Bachelor Party) - Vegas Son!

    YOLO Seattle

    What…..they lovin the crew…they lovin the crew…..

    Seatac Airport

    Seatac Airport en route to Vegas

    Got upsold on some shots 

    Redrock Canyon from the pleezie

    half the crew getting YOLO at McCarran 

    Is this the real Ceasar Palache?

    UFO in Vegas

    Pull up to the Palazzo (temporary home)

    No pictures on the casino floor…. 

    OK USA!

    Syncing up with the crew….Bromance (@MIG1024 and @UWCraigery)


    Saluting the flag… that girl want a photo

    hmmm nights get hazy… photography and drinking dont mix

    Sun come up at 5am, I wonder if they got cabs still….

    I love for the nights you don’t remember with the people I can’t forget. We live for these days to run with the crew, get reservations for 20, bottles on ice, and watch Celine Dion. I must say photography and drinking don’t mix therefore the photo taking stopped after the first 4 hours of my trip. HAHAHA. Good times and I’m glad we were able to send my homie Craig the Bachelor out right. YOLO - Yamada Only Live’s Once