1. Ice Cream Evenings at Molly Moon’s (Capitol Hill)

    Molly Moon's menu

    the Menu and local hipster

    Molly Moon's Seattle

    The goods under the lights…. Earl Grey and Scout Mint on the waffle cone

    Molly Moon's

    Milk lights above the bar

    Molly Moon's

    Light details

    Molly Moon's


    Molly Moon's

    For those warm summer evenings in Seattle, I’m mooning over Molly Moon’s.  The hipster artisan ice cream is Seattle’s finest.  My choices are the Earl Grey and Scout Mint (made from real girl scout cookies).  The flavors next in line are the Stumptown Coffee and Honey Lavender.

    The ambiance is a clean, modern, and northwest industrial feel.  The lines get pretty long here, but it comes with the territory if you want Molly Moon’s.  Sometimes at night you can partake in a dodgeball game across the street.

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