1. got it done… the Proposal 6.16.12

    Pre-funkin to ease the nerves. Wearing Band of Outsiders gingham shirt x Rag & Bone knit tie x Shipley & Halmos navy khakis x Quoddy mocs 

    Still got the ring but it can’t fit in my pockets.

    Here at the Seattle Sculpture Park planning the proposal spot

    Jumping for joy

    At the “&” sign for you & me. 

    no caption needed

    She said “of course”

    engagement stroll


    A few weeks ago I proposed to my inspiration, motivation, the person that keeps me hustling…. basically the most wonderful lady in my life. This is one most happiest days for both of us. I look forward to sharing a bank account and a tax return in 2013. Thanks to all the family, friends, and social network for the kind words. 

    big photography credit to my good friend Miguel Marino for some great shots. holla at him. 

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